Sensing and Perception for Everyone


Our Vision

By having affordable and efficient perception and sensing systems. We want to build a society where safe and reliable autonomy is not a futuristic idea but a day-to-day reality.


Our Mission

To solve our customers' sensing and perception needs by bringing the state-of-the-art to reality.


Tokyo, Jan 19, 2022

Perception Engine attends Automotive World for the first time.

株式会社パーセプションエンジンは オートモーティブワールド 2022に初出展。東6、47−18お待ちしています。

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Tokyo, September 2, 2021

Perception Engine and Hesai join forces to distribute LiDAR sensors and license autonomous driving solutions optimized for sensors in Japan


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Nagoya, August 2, 2021

Perception Engine successfully completes its initial V2X perception experiment in conjunction with Aichi prefecture, and Nagoya University.

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Atomic Engine

Our perception framework for 2D, and 3D sensor data. It can help you and your business to accelerate, automate and simplify the object detection, tracking and fusion process.

Proton Engine

Automate the sensor calibration with Proton, our sensors calibration stack for cameras, LiDARs, and radars sensors.

Sensor Simulation

Based on the highly awarded LGSVL simulator, our simulation tools can help you to obtain, and evaluate the optimal position for sensors in the desired robot or vehicle before initiating the manufacturing process, while also reducing costs.

Sensor Integration

Thank to our experience with sensors from different manufacturers and its applications we can help you to seamlessly integrate a highly reliable H&W system for your sensing needs.


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