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Data labeling データラベリング

High-quality data labeling services for images and point cloud. DL assisted bounding box generation and segmentation.


Training & validation 学習&評価

With the help of state-of-the-art deep learning architectures, and the power of big data. We can help you to train, and validate models for your specific task. Classification, detection, segmentation, you name it. (Cloud or Edge)


Image anonymization 画像の匿名化

With the power of deep learning, machine and human complement each other to accelerate this task. Face and number plate anonymization.


Sensor driver development センサードライバー開発

Our experience with low-level hardware (Cameras/LiDARs/GNSS/IMU/Radar) can help you to quickly create drivers to interact with your device on x64, or ARM based OS environments, including NVIDIA Drive systems (PXx/AGX/Nano) with CUDA.

弊社の低水準ハードウェア(カメラ/LiDARs/GNSS/IMU/Radar)の実験は、CUDAと共に、x64あるいはNVDIA Driveシステム(PXx/AGX/Nano)を含むARMベースのOS環境をデバイスと結びつけるドライバーを開発する手助けが可能です。

Autoware/ROS consultation Autoware/ROSコンサルテーション

We have experience developing perception systems for Autoware and ROS. We can help you to quickly understand the Autoware framework; adapt it to your needs; or even to implement specific features to your application. (We also support ROS 2).


Sensor fusion and calibration センサーフージョンとキャリブレーション

We know how important is the accurate calibration of multiple sensors to achieve good results. Cameras, LiDARs, Radars, IMUs, and GNSS.



We are a Nagoya University business venture launched on May 2019, and supported by TierIV Inc.

Our mission is to bring state-of-the-art technologies to real world applications. Following a continuous improvement cycle with the help of our customers, we aim to simplify, ease and deploy new and safe technologies.

Official Name Perception Engine Inc.
Establishment date 2019/05
Address 140-0001
Jacom Bldg. 1-12-10 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo
Business Autonomous driving services
Artificial Intelligence services
Parallel computing and virtualization services
Initial Capital 150万円
会社概要 株式会社パーセプショーンエンジン
設立日 2019/05
住所 140-0001
東京都品川区北品川1-12-10 ジャコムビル
事業内容 自動運転向けクラウドサービス
資本金 150万円